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Our Mission

The mission of Rocky Ridge Church is to share the love of Jesus Christ
through gospel-centered worship, modeling Jesus’ love for one another,
and reaching out to the local and world community to meet needs in Jesus’ name.

Our Beliefs

We Believe...

The Living God

We believe in the only true and living God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; who is holy love,
eternal, unchangeable in being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, and truth.

The Holy Scriptures

God’s words and actions in creation, providence, judgment, and redemption are witnessed to
by the covenant community in the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.

God’s Will

God’s will for people and all creation is altogether wise and good. Although revealed in the
scriptures and in the events of nature and history, God’s will is made known supremely in the

person of Jesus Christ, who did God’s will even to death.


God is the creator of all that is known and unknown. All creation discloses God’s glory, power,

wisdom, beauty, goodness, and love.

The Law of God

God gives the moral law to govern human actions and relations. It is the principle of justice

woven into the fabric of the universe and is binding upon all persons.

Human Freedom

God, in creating persons, gives them the capacity and freedom to respond to divine grace in

loving obedience. Therefore, whoever will may be saved.

The Abuse of Freedom

In rejecting their dependence, the first human parents disrupted community with God, for
which they had been created. They became inclined toward sin in all aspects of their being.

God’s Covenant

God acts to heal the brokenness and alienation caused by sin and to restore the human family

to community through the reconciliation effected in Jesus Christ.

Christ the Savior

God’s mighty act of reconciling love was accomplished in Jesus Christ, the divine Son who
became flesh to be the means by which the sins of the world are forgiven.

The Call and Work of the Holy Spirit

God acted redemptively in Jesus Christ because of the sins of the world and continues with the

same intent in the Holy Spirit to call every person to repentance and faith.

Repentance and Confession

Repentance is that attitude toward God wherein sinners firmly resolve to forsake sin, trust in

Christ, and live in grateful obedience to God.

Saving Faith

Saving faith is response to God, prompted by the Holy Spirit, wherein persons rely solely upon

God’s grace in Jesus Christ for salvation.


Justification in God’s act of loving acceptance of believers whereby persons are reconciled to

him by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Regeneration and Adoption

Regeneration is God’s renewal of believers and is solely of God’s grace. Those who trust in the
Lord Jesus Christ are recreated, or born again, renewed in spirit, and made new persons in


Sanctification and Growth in Grace

Sanctification is God’s setting apart of believers as servants in the world.

Christian Assurance

Believers who seek to know and to do the will of God, and who live in him as he lives in them,
may in this life be assured of salvation and thus rejoice in the hope of fully sharing the glory of


The Church

There is one, holy, universal, apostolic church. She is the body of Christ, who is her Head and



Baptism symbolizes the baptism of the Holy Spirit and is the external sign of the covenant which

marks membership in the community of faith.

The Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s Supper was instituted by Jesus Christ on the night of his betrayal. It is a means by
which the church remembers and shows forth Christ’s passion and death on the cross.

Death and Resurrection

Death is both a spiritual and physical reality. Therefore the church has the privilege and duty to
proclaim that in Jesus Christ, God acts to redeem persons from bondage to death both in spirit

and body.


The judgment of God is both present and future.


If you have found this page, you likely have more than just a passing interest in
church. Something on the pages of this website kept you searching. Whatever you
are searching for, God is with you! He didn’t make humankind and call it a day. He
doesn’t wish people luck and then disappear. God promises to be both the great

 I AM and Immanuel, God with us. You could “have it together” (whatever “it” is) or
you could feel like you can’t go on another day. God is always Immanuel for you.

Here at Rocky Ridge, we celebrate and serve the God who is always present and
accessible. We know that we need God. And we need each other. And if we are
going to live out the life Jesus died to give us, we need to love the world around us.
It was for love that Jesus died. It is for love that we, His people, live. If you need
love, Rocky Ridge is for you. You belong here!

Grace and Peace to you,
Rev. Karen Schmidt

Letter from our Pastor

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